The New Palestine Homeland

Who should govern the new Palestinian Homeland and what should it be called?

It should be called PALESTINA and it should be governed by those Palestinians EXPATS who have studied and lived in Western Democracies. The ExPATS having tasted life in the West should be disillusioned with the leaders like Hamas and Fatah.

Knowledge is power. These ExPATS should create a HOUSE of WISDOM as existed in ISLAM in the 12th century when Islam led the world in knowledge, science and Culture.

This house of Wisdom should be re-created by new educated leaders who want to build centers of education and not centers of destruction. The real Islam does not want Jihad but Wisdom.

PALESTINA is the THIRD WAY. It avoids all the conflicts between the existing Palestinian leadership and the Israelis.

Those enlightened educated Palestinian leaders should focus on developing an economic paradise in Palestina where Palestinians can live in peace and without fear.

Instead of fighting the Israelis they should follow their example and develop Palestina the way the Israelis have developed Israel