Power to the People

How to help the Palestinian Refugees

For the last 70 years the Palestinian Refugees have been neglected by their leaders.

When you compare what has happened to the Holocaust refugees from Europe resettled in Israel with what has happened to the Palestinian refugees over the last 70 years, you realise that they have been used to perpetuate the hope of the return rather than help them to improve their lives and economic prospects.

This false hope of return and general neglect of their economic progress has led to terrorism, poverty and despair. Financial help has poured in to assist the Palestinians from all over the world but is has made little improvement in the plight of the Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian leadership has failed and much of this aid has been siphoned off  into their own pockets.

The time has come to help the Palestinian refugees to lead a better life in their own land, a completely new land as outlined in the Sherrington plan. The new land needs to be created, developed and made into somewhere where refugees would want to settle willingly.

There is a stream of refugees pouring into Europe from Africa. There is no reason why there would not be a stream of Palestinian refugees pouring into their own newly developed land as in the Sherrington plan.

It is our intention to create a charitable Foundation to buy land in the area for the development of homes and work for the Palestinian Refugees, if the Powers that be do not adopt this plan.

We call it Power to the People.

If you believe that this solution could work, do not wait for the politicians, let your voice be heard.

  • Step 1: Send an email to your M.P. telling him about it.
  • Step 2: Give a copy of the Plan to a friend.
  • Step 3: Facebook your friends about it.
  • Step 4: Tweet your friends to get behind it.